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Hey everyone,
I just started my new semester at college. yuk! I've only had one class so far, poly si. For those of you who have no idea what that means basically it is a government class. It seems like it will a fun class. Except for the part of getting up in the morning.

I think it's interesting that no one really writes on the community any more. oh well.

I have been thinking about this summer. I have an oppertunity to work at the day camp I worked at last year but I don't know if I should or if I want to.

I just started driving about a month ago. And anyone who does not have to learn how to drive in LA is lucky. It is sooooooooooo scary. It doesn't help when your mom yells at you not to hit the parked cars. Anywho I have to go to my next class, Mass Communications, hopefully it will be fun.

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HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY, but it totally sucks that im in cali right now and not in New Orleans. Lyndie u better be having fun for me.

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miss camp alot today for some reason. For those of you that dont really know, I'm not going back this year, but will hopefully return for my last year, I say hopefully because I'm really not sure yet. I'm taking a year off so I can see Jen Campbell from 2003, and so she can work at Camp Adventure and be with me in Kansas. We've been planning for months in advance, her and I are going to come and visit the campground though. It's going to be wierd going there this summer and not staying, and only staying for a few hours. Taing a year off always confuses me and I feel so out of place. It took a good 2 years to finally get used to Hobbes and Katydid.. oh well, I'll live. At least I'll be home for the MMMC anivs. 7/25/02 I was so down my first year without them, I went into cabin 5 my first year and sat on my old bed and looked at pictures. My favorite place in camp is the benches outside the cabin some days I would sit there just waiting on people and thinking of all the great things that have happened to me here. I especially miss camp more during the night because for me at night it was just you and the one campette saying goodnight or whatever. For these last few years nights have stood to be very special because a campette would somtimes come and sing me to sleep, for that hour and or whatever.. its the one bond. The one time she takes you under her wing and does what a big sister does when your sick or not able to sleep and for someone like me that doesnt have a sister it means alot.

Come stop your crying it'll be alright, just take my hand hold it tight. I will protect you from all around you, I will be here dont you cry. For one so small you seem so strong, my arms will hold you keep you safe and warm. This bond between us cant be broken, I will be here dont you cry. Cuz you'll be in heart, from this day on, now and forever more. You'll be in my heart no matter what they say, you'll be here in my heart... always

Leaving camp is always hard for me, because its more like 2nd home to me. Some years are harder than others but always hard. No matter the year I always have someone to say goodbye to. The one person my parents have to use the jaws of life to detatch me from, and even sometimes cant do it. If you know me really well I normally dont cry on the last day of camp but I cried in 2002 my fair share. My dad picked me up that morning he was going around taking pictures with his new camera and meeting all the girls. When it came around to Ann, Adrie, Emy and I to get our pictures done I knew at that exact momment that it was ending that we would go back home and this would be left as a memory, I then started bawli. With littng (what great timing during the picture Cheryl?) Adrienne tickled me to get the tears stopped for a fww seconds and then we 4 hugged and as I went around and hugged the 3 of them all on my own that was the hardest goodbye I've ever had to make. As I walked back to the truck, I looked over my shoulder As Adrie said bye, and hey... Cheryl! my real name is Adrienne.. I chuckled and climbed in the truck realized that my bottle wasnt with me and made my dad go to the dining hall to get it I sat there all by myself crying. Little did I know 5 months later it would happen again.


I love you all
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Hey guys, my Dad worked on The Aviator and his department got a nomination. So everyone should watch the Oscars and root for the movie. My dad's department is Art Direction. So hopefully they will win. He also got interviewed by people magazine, but i don't know if he will be quoted or not. It's just really cool that he got interviewed. The oscars are on Feb. 27. Watch and cross your fingers.

Tracy aka Rosemry
P.s. my dad's name is David Potter.
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I love x-mas!!! esp late ones!

GUESS WHAT I GOT FROM MY FIRST DAY CAMPETTE (04) a copy of our favorite songs we used to sing together like showtunes&Disney Songs I loves her SO much.... She's the bestest person ever *MWAH* I love you Sunshine!!!
It made me smile....:-) SO BIG! I miss her alot!!!!!!!!!!
awwwww.... its Lean On me... What Allie sang to me.:-)
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Good Ol' Cabin 9

2004- Cabin 9 2nd session Cathrine, Kasey, Sam, Cheryl, Christine, Lynna, Katy... AKA T"THE BANNED CABIN"

When you put 7 typical girls in a cabin what do get?
"some kind of craziness"

These group of girls are possibly the best people and campers I know. We had such a good time together. Especially at night and during rest hour. We put a girl on a roll away (Christine) and EVEN the top bunk (Cathrine) I dont think I've ever laughed that much in one session in my life. We loved getting mail and decorating our cabin. We had our own privite dressing cornor for swimsuit changes. We had hott guys around our beds (Kevin, Manny, an Ian) that we would kiss every night before we layed down for hours of talking and laughing. My mail was always the most, I EVEN got pakg. that my other half (Christine) was oh so happy for me, she was my reading letters assistant. We loved to talk, thats for sure! We talked about happy times, bad times, people at home, home in general, real food, campettes from past years, campettes from this year (faves and non-faves,) boyfriends, music, and friends. Christine and Cathrine we're our jokers, Lynna and Cheryl we're the laughers, Sam and Kasey we're the random thinkers, and Katy was the mother. Every night was like a big slumber party, depending upon the person sleeping in that night. Twiggy and Sunshine sleeping in the first night was interesting when of course "the other halfs" had to pee, at 1AM in the morning. Christine and I making the biggest sceene possible ALWAYS AND FOREVER. Sleeping in always carried some type of adventure, for the two of us. Sleeping in campettes wern't always fun an exciting, we had our share of campettes that were so mean to us, but not only, did we get it once in one week BUT 3 TIMES!!! from Duckie!!! When Bounce got sick one night and was unable to join our fun it screwed the entire schdule up (we hold nothing towards Bounce for this) Although we we're still random an annoying just to piss Duckie off.. we do it ALL FOR THE LOVE! After the first few nights of this behavior our U.C., Glowie was not that happy with us, at this point in the week all the campers, core-staff, and campettes had complained of us being "too loud at night" Nothing changed, and we still became known as the "loudest cabin ever." Not only did we talk and have fun slumber parties, but we took care of each other (awwwww.) My episodes became frequent due to some "woman problems" the cabin was everso lovely about taking care of me, with this making sure I was drinking right and always taken care of at night. This cabin didnt split for anything. Everywhere we went we we're together at least 3 of us we're together. One of my funniest memories is trying to fit Christine, Kasey, Sam, Cathrine, and I all on a float (and then trying to show a sun tanning flipper on the side of the pool) We did! it took the entire swim period but we had so much fun! (I know this is a play-off a memory in 02, and yes bigger rafts=more people!) We even slept in the craft gazibo together. We talked on cell phones, talked to people, braided hair, and listened to music. The idea of braiding hair also brought wonderful "campette costomers" as the 24 hr. braiding Cathrine. We took in so many girls, this way we got to know alot about the girls and what they were like. As with every great cabin, it brought problems. The more girls we were sceduling to come in to get their hair done, the more Rover bitched. This was supossdly done to the point where girls were neglecting jobs and such. We even had company on off-hour braiding hair days. Some of the famous visitors were Tiger, Sunshine, CoCo Bounce, Koda, GiGi, Fantasy, Slide, Twiggy, Duck, Sheep, an amoung many others. Nights full of funny lits, night dresses, jokes, goodnight hugs&talks, sometimes 9 campettes in one cabin. We loved rest hours too, wheather we had to pee or not! waiting on showers that we so desired. And even to the point of taking it where no camper has gone before! SHAVING!!!! Food was another love of cabin 9's and we even managed a food party on the last night of the session with Koda. We mastered the art of screaming through windows 7 little tiny voices scream "GOODNIGHT FLIPPER WE LOVE YOU!!!!" on the last night as we maintain our reputation as the "LOUDEST, MOST BANNED CABIN EVER" as the staff yells "GOODNIGHT GIRLS."
Well.. the week ended with most of camp not even allowed to touch our cabin, most days at least. I personally had some of the greatest times in my life with the girls "I LOVE YOU, FOR REEEEEAL"

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What to do with Trevor..... what in the hell do i do....m y best friend introduced me to this guy who is her bf and is not he is always hiting on me when we are togther even if she is with us....GOD....i dont know what to do and i dont want our friendship of like 10 yrs to end...but i really like this guy...uuuggghhhhh...what the hell y in the hell does life have to be so damn screwed up....i hate this and ugh i just hate it...if u all want to try and help i will try and get on sometime soon.....luvs me to all u j low oooouuuutttt!!!!!!
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Another Memory

I thought of another memory while talking to cheryl. In 03 after square dance when we had all camp swim, less then half of the counslers were in the pool. Turtle, Elf, and I decided, that because nobody else was getting in and only the wheelchair girls had counslers, even though the three of us didn't have our swim suits, we pushed each other in the pool with all our colthes on. And all the girls thought it was funny because we pretended to throw each other in. But then when I went up to cheryl in the pool she told me she could see my bra, I looked down and then remembered I was wearing my red and black bra which you could see right through my 02 camp shirt. It was reaaally cold that night and I had to sleep in the outpost that night. But the three of us had alot of fun.

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Hey Gals

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